Have You Found Your Suite Spot?

Multi-dimensional consulting firm for leaders in need
of high-quality
organizational assistance.


Inspiration. Innovation. Execution

As an executive, your goal is to grow your business and create superior value for your investors, employees and customers.  But creating value may have become increasingly difficult. How do you create growth or launch a new division with more demands and fewer resources? And when do you have time to envision the next great move?

Suite Spot is a multidimensional business development firm created exclusively for business leaders like you.  Founder and President Suzanne Carle and her team are dedicated to building the effectiveness of C-suite leadership and promoting the long-term growth, value and success for your organization.

Suzanne understands that it’s not easy to stay focused on business growth when so many other issues vie for your attention—she’s been there.  That’s why she has selected a team of high-caliber colleagues who can provide you with the specific services you need to grow your business.  Services range from executive recruitment and organizational change to sales training and leadership development.  Suite Spot will identify the outcomes you want and then set a plan to accomplish them. 



“The team at Suite Spot has and continues to be exceptional with every project I throw at it. Their talents in marketing and business development have served our organization in raising awareness in the community and bringing in new clients. I am always pleased to recommend Suite Spot to other organizations and individuals.”

-- Emily Drake, Fairport Asset Management

 “Suzanne is a person who brings true passion to her work to help people and organizations reach their highest levels of success.  She is creative, hardworking and gives her all.”

-- Katherine Doherty, One Source Training